Coachella ostensibly began as a music festival in the early aughts, but somewhere along the way it evolved into something more: Now it’s a place for celebrities to be seen wearing oversized hats, a prime spot for rich kids to do lots and lots of drugs and a destination for foodies to sample some of the best meals California has to offer. While those first two changes are major bummers, at least the third means you can nosh on some otherworldly pad thai while watching teenagers trip on Molly.

As a reminder, this year’s Coachella (April 14-16 and 21-23 in Indio, CA) brings a couple obvious formidable headliners to the desert—see: Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead—and a whole lot of flotsam after that. The well-meaning folks behind Coachella probably realized that you’ll be bored waiting to hear the one song you know by Bastille or pretending to like Mac DeMarco, which is why they’ve put together a considerably more exciting lineup of more than 100 food vendors.

Eater has revealed the complete culinary bill, but here are five highlights:

-Eggslut co-owner Alvin Cailan’s new offering Paper Planes, which Eater calls “basically melted raclette cheese poured over tater tots.” That’ll do.

-Chego, which promises slow-roasted prime rib with creamed horseradish and Berkshire pork belly over hot rice and fried egg.

-The Peruvian burritos—packed with smashed avocados, tomato sambal, and a quinoa and brown rice blend—at chef Ricardo Zirate’s new Mamacita.

-The summer camp-worthy S’mores at Mallow Mallow, including “The American,” which includes bourbon and bacon marshmallows.

-Wolf from chef Marcel Vigneron, where you can snag coconut ice cream made with friggin’ liquid nitrogen.

You’ll fill up on so many delectable dishes that you’ll have to find a place to sleep off your food coma, like in the front row during The xx. (Zing!)