The reason most of us want to be James Bond isn’t to save the world. It’s to just be cooler than a dozen ice ages. While the gadgets and cars make for one hell of a case, what it really comes down to is being able to impress babes with moves that are as slick and effortless as a well-timed, properly placed finger-gun snap.

One of those things is knowing how to make a drink, but even that former athlete you went to high school with and now only see at the local dive knows a cocktail or two. You’re looking for next level. So to be the smoothest decision some hot babe’s ever made, you gotta go better than the average kook following his father’s recipe.

A sure-fire way of doing that is making a smoke bomb in a stylish cocktail…and then spending the rest of the weekend in bed, obviously.

[via Cocktail Chemistry]