Hey, did you hear there’s a Scarface remake happening? When you heard about it, was your response either an exaggerated yawn or a pronounced “Oh hellll no” to your friends and coworkers? Understandable. Even if you’ve learned to accept that remakes are legion and we simply cannot escape them, there are some movies you just never want to see subjected to the endless Hollywood meat grinder (I’m lookin’ at you, Ben-Hur).

That said, remakes in the right hands can be absolutely sublime, and while it is hard to tell if we can expect that from Scarfce yet, things did just get a lot more interesting. The Wrap reports that Joel and Ethan Coen — the Oscar-winning legends behind No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski, and Fargo — have been called in to work on the script, taking over from Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter. Rewrites, particularly uncredited ones, are common when it comes to big event films, so we can’t get too excited, but the Coens are exactly the kind of filmmakers who take a seemingly bland idea and spin it into gold.

Hopefully, they just swoop in and take the whole project over, particularly since it still doesn’t have a director. A Scarface remake with weird Coen dialogue and a bunch of inventive cinematography sounds totally watchable. They could even take advantage of their penchant for repeat casting and bring in some old friends to star. Imagine Oscar Isaac as Tony Montana, John Turturro as Omar and Michael Stuhlbarg as Mel Bernstein. Now that’s a remake.

Scarface hits theaters August 10, 2018.