I just don’t understand women sometimes. Ok, that was a lie. Let me re-phrase that; I don’t understand women most of the time. That is especially true when it comes to attraction. Not to sound like a fedora-wearing white knight, but it’s true when they say that girls are attracted to assholes. It’s an unfortunate truth (or fortunate for the assholes out there), but there’s just something that goes off in their brain when a guy treats them like crap that makes them want the guy even more. Be too nice or too understanding or too available, and you’re digging your own grave, pal.

The guys over at the SimpleSexyStupid YouTube channel took to the streets of a college campus to find out what sort of guy they’re into. The results are disapointing, but not shocking; they like assholes. The interview sort of goes off the rails a little bit when the guy interviewing the girls makes it a bit too personal, but there’s a lot of interesting information that we can all learn a lot from in these awnsers.

So just try to be more like that and you might have a shot with these girls. Well, probably not. But you can pretend.

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