Not only can you document every ridiculous thing you’re doing in college on Snapchat, you can also secretly send questionable dirty pics and video. And like any normal college hookup, sometimes you do it in well, sort of illegal places. And that’s how this couple at the University of Tennessee spent their Valentine’s Day weekend. Recording themselves on Snapchat having sex in their football stadium’s press box that they broke into, to be exact.

So the male part of this duo most likely posted the photo on Snapchat, and it was on the Volnationsnaps Snapchat account. The account isn’t exactly affiliated with the University of Tennessee, but it’s still used as a way to dump absurd party pics and other debauchery, like this sex session.

And who knew college kids could also be slightly punny while getting it on? The caption says “Volentine” because they are the Tennessee Vols, but the football stadium is actually spelled Neyland. Close enough for us. And no one knows how the couple actually broke into the press box and got away with this, but we have to give them some major kudos.

H/T Gawker

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