For most coeds, college boils down to studying, sleeping, and mingling as much as possible with the opposite sex. And, of course, being dead broke. (You can’t afford much when books and booze suck up your paltry reserves of cash.)

Of course, anyone who’s been out of school for a few years would gladly embrace the squalor if they could go back and do it all over again. But for new grads, moving beyond the financial and material deprivations of college life is the reward they’ve been working toward for four years.

Get your new grad started off right with these upgrades to the hand-me-downs he made due with the last four years. He’s earned them.


Photo courtesy of Blanton’s/Facebook

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon
He’s been mainlining cheap beer and Beam the last four years, so his taste buds aren’t ready for something truly high-end. Save the Pappy Van Winkle for when he has his first child, and gift him a bottle of Blanton’s. The world’s first single-barrel bourbon is smooth and complex—but not inaccessible.

Photo courtesy of Shun

Shun Classic 8-inch Chef’s Knife
If he actually cooked himself a meal in college, chances are good the only tools at his disposal were a George Foreman, a microwave, and maybe a dull knife a previous tenant left behind in his rental. Foster his nascent culinary interests with this “super steel” chef’s knife from Japanese blade-maker Shun. Crafted in Seki City—a place known for producing samurai swords—this knife will quickly become the most indispensible tool in his kitchen. As attractive as it is functional, the Shun handled a variety of tasks and food types with ease in our kitchens.

Photo courtesy of Sonos

TVs are cheap enough these days that he probably had a halfway decent HD model at school. But compared to the tinny, underwhelming speakers built into his set, this sound bar from Sonos will take his entertainment experience to a different level.

Photo courtesy of Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club Membership
He’s been subsisting on ramen and shitty cafeteria eats. Help reinvigorate his neglected palette with this meat delivery club. Every month, he’ll get four to six cured, artisanal meats delivered to his place—things like duck breast prosciutto, French charcouterie, and Italian salumi.

Photo courtesy of Shinola

Shinola Runwell
Tell him to toss whatever POS he’s currently wearing. This gift says, “Welcome to adulthood.” Shinola’s made-in-Detroit timepieces combine classic looks with contemporary sizes and movements. And at this price point, he won’t look like a spoiled asshole if he wears it to his job interview.

Photo courtesy of Suunto

Suunto Ambit3
Apart from keg stands and the occasional campus gym visit, exercise probably wasn’t his top priority at school. Even if he was working out regularly, he was probably keeping tabs on his sweat sessions using a free phone app. From monitoring his heart rate to recording mileage and pace, this matte black beauty is the ultimate activity tracker.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Kindle Voyage
He spent college squinting at his laptop and stapled-together course packs. While getting him to pick up an actual book is probably hopeless, his love of technology and gadgets means you can at least pique his interest in literature with this sleek device. With a battery that lasts for weeks and a high-resolution display, the Kindle Voyage is the ultimate e-reader without the distractions packed into other multifunctional models.

Photo courtesy of Fairdale Bikes

Fairdale Weekender Drop Cycle
He’s been cruising campus on an old Schwinn beater. This sleek hybrid performs just as well meandering urban streets as it does on longer touring rides. With comfortable geometry and a 10-speed drivetrain to suit most any rider’s needs, this is a gift he’ll have and enjoy for a long time.

Photo courtesy of Home Depot

Weber Genesis S-310 Propane Grill
He and his housemates probably had a dented old kettle grill behind their place on campus. Charcoal is the best for lazy summer weekends or tailgating. But for everyday grilling, gas is just a lot more convenient. While many gas grills don’t get hot enough to char steaks or sear burgers, that won’t be a problem with this stainless steel bad boy.

Photo courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft Surface 3
He’s had to lug around a bulky laptop for four years. And while he still needs Office applications to assemble his resume or take care of a little business at home, he also wants a light, portable tablet to hang out with on his couch or on the go. The Microsoft Surface 3 provides the versatility of a notebook with the size and ease of a tablet.

Photo courtesy of Satch and Fable

Satch and Fable Leather Flap Bag
He’ll still use his old backpack for hikes or sports. But he needs something more professional for workdays. This durable, classic leather satchel will never go out of style, and looks as good with a suit as it does with sneakers and a T-shirt. It also comes in different sizes to accommodate whatever work or leisure device he’ll have to tote around.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Bonavita 8-Cup Brewer

There are a thousand countertop coffeemakers out there—many of them junk. This is one of only seven home brewers certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. This brewer offers the perfect combination of simplicity, customizability, quality design, and excellent coffee. It’ll also pair really well with that grinder you bought him.

Photo courtesy of Tempurpedic

Tempur-Pedic Cloud Prima
You picked him up a cheap mattress when he moved out of his dorm after freshman year. Now that he’s preparing to join the workforce, he’s going to need a better night’s sleep to handle the stress and uncertainty of adulthood. Help him rest easy with one of the most comfortable, supportive mattresses you can buy without spending a fortune.

Photo courtesy of Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware Heathered Cotton-Cashmere Bedding
You don’t want to think about what he’s done to the sole set of Wal-Mart sheets he slept on in college. Help him put his scratchy, stained hookup years behind him with this clean set of linens. This is something he’d never think to buy for himself, but he’ll immediately appreciate. Any “guests” he invites back to his apartment will be impressed.

Photo courtesy of Moore and Giles

Moore & Giles Bi-Fold Wallet
Now that he has a job—and more than two bucks to rub together—he needs a proper place to stash his cash and cards. Give him one that will go as well with his business suit as it does with his Levi’s. Lynchburg, Va.-based Moore & Giles have been making quality leather goods for more than 80 years. You could get him a basic brown or black model, or go bold with an orange or alligator wallet.

Photo courtesy of ABC Home

ABC Carpet & Home Augusta Velvet Chair
This gift will be wasted on a lot of new grads. But if your man is an architect, graphic designer, or just a guy with discerning tastes, this is a gift he’ll cherish. It’s the kind of piece that can elevate an otherwise boring space, and these lines won’t go out of style any time soon.


Photo courtesy of Libratone

Libratone Loop Bluetooth Speaker
The ultimate gift for guys who love music, this handsome speaker will look great in his new apartment or office. While not as portable as many other Bluetooth offerings, this Scandinavian-designed speaker is meant to stay put and deliver high-quality sound that will fill almost any size room. You won’t find better looks or sound quality in this size or price range.

Photo courtesy of Williams Sonoma

All-Clad Stainless Steel Cookware
He almost certainly doesn’t deserve pots and pans this swanky. But if he’s shown an interest in cooking, and you want to replace the dinged-up, Teflon-coated crap he used to cut his teeth, All-Clad makes some of the best cookware available. This five-layer, 10-piece collection will last him decades.

Photo courtesy of Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley Wide-Body Carry-On
He may not have rocked a Tommy Boy-style garbage bag sealed with duct tape. But this roller is a serious step up from whatever duffel he was using during his trips home for the holidays. A built-in compression system allows you to fit 34% more gear, and then easily squeeze the bag back down to size. It easily held enough clothes—including a tux and patent leather shoes—for a three-day weekend trip. The handle, closures, and stitching details are all high quality. You won’t find a better roller, and this one’s guaranteed for life.