Instead of a traditional motivational speaker, the coach of this women’s college softball team invited adult film star Allie Haze to a team practice. Haze’s invitation to the practice was allegedly an attempt to steer members of the team into adult film careers, according to the lawsuits.

To top it off, this happened at Nyack College—a fully accredited Christian college—in New York. This is only one of the multiple creepy (and disturbing) details in the court documents filed by three of the coach’s players.

According to the lawsuits, the female athletes were told they’d have “life counseling” sessions with Haze and their coach “directed the conversation to focus primarily on her sexual history.”

Haze told The New York Post:

If those girls were under those assumptions, I feel bad.

I was a Penthouse Pet in January 2014. I’ve obviously achieved some very great things within my community.

Haze also said she focused on female empowerment and relationships. She even acknowledged that she may seem like an odd choice for a guest speaker, but she’s well known in her industry and has spoken at other colleges in the past.

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To make matters worse, the coach was indicted by local grand jury on 94 counts of forcible touching, 94 counts of sexual abuse and seven counts of coercion. The lawsuits also state that he was once under investigation in California for sexual assault and harassment against five players he coached.

Basically, he probably shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.