This is a lesson to always double check who your recipient is before sending off a naughty text. Last week, a college student who we’ll call ‘Tyler’ posted this story and wanted to remain anonymous as 'Mike’, but I’d like to call him 'Tyler’ so I can pretend this happened to me. He got an unexpected text from one of his teachers that you’re going to want to see. It’s not uncommon for teachers to share their personal phone numbers with students in case of questions or issues with material. That’s actually quite professional and helpful of this young professor. Well, apparently the guy she’s dating also shares the same name with one of her students, leading to this huge mixup.

Tyler handled that perfectly. As proof that she stuck by her word, here’s his transcript, showing that he did actually get an A in that course.

I’m not sure why he settled on not having to show up to class anymore, though. If that were really me, I would make sure I was front and center the rest of the semester.

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