Dressing well isn’t just about looking good. If you do it with the right mind-set, it can motivate you to conquer the workday (or the night, for that matter). Once you have the whole dressing-for-success thing down pat, add tactical aromatherapy to your style arsenal. Pick a scent that channels your favorite artists and athletes to take your game to the next level. Here are five iconic colognes and the pop-culture icons rumored to have worn them.

Creed Green Irish Tweed, $330
This elegant British status scent is worn by a motley gang of iconoclasts. It’s pricey, but the top-shelf swagger it exudes is worth every penny.

Floris Mahon Leather Eau de Parfum, $180
The British royal family favors this classic cologne, as does British rock royalty. It was also the go-to fragrance for none other than James Bond.

Bijan Classic for Men, $120
Go old-school with this fresh and floral Hollywood scent from Bijan, the Rodeo Drive fashion and perfume house to the stars of yesteryear.

Guerlain Homme Eau de Toilette, $82
Guerlain Homme may be French, but it smells as fresh and vibrant as a Cuban mojito. This wearable cocktail has floral and woodsy notes that suit a leading man.

Michael Jordan by Michael Jordan, $25
If excellence and career reinvention are among your goals, you could do worse than turn to the masculine and understated scent created by Renaissance man Michael Jordan.