While you’re not a fan of Nick-from-accounting’s pastel polos or Becky-from-HR’s rainbow pantsuits, it turns out they’re onto something. According to a new study from Case Station, wearing colorful outfits is actually a pretty strategic business move.

It turns out dressing like a cog in the corporate system isn’t the best idea, as one in five employees aged 18 to 34 say that bright or colorful clothes will score them a promotion. Similarly, one in five employees aged 25 to 34 credit colorful clothing with securing them a pay raise. Per the same study, one in three individuals claim feeling more positive in colorful clothing, and just over a quarter say they feel more confident in colors.

Going even further, 21 percent admire their work peers in colorful clothes, with 11 percent wishing they had to confidence to dress like that, as those brightly colored outfits make employees seem creative and more energetic. But if you want to be respected, you still have to wear black.

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