If you’re pissed about not rising up the ranks at work and failing to make bank, it might have something to do with your wardrobe.

According to a new study which appeared in The Telegraph, 20 percent of workers ages 18 to 34 believe they got a promotion because of bright or colorful clothing. The same percentage of employees age 25 to 34 feel that their colorful work outfit earned them a raise.

Two thousand workers in Britain took part in the study conducted by Case Station, which makes personalized mobile phone cases. That’s not exactly the most scientific source, so you may want to take the findings with a grain of salt before you go out and buy a closetful of technicolor dreamcoats.

Still, the reasoning behind the study’s findings makes sense. Wearing color tends to make people feel happier and also gives others the impression that the wearer is more confident and creative. It’s easy to see how both of those characteristics could lead to increased recognition at work.

According to psychologist Sir Cary Cooper, a Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Manchester Business School, wearing colorful clothes “says I’m a creative, I’m not prepared to just wear a suit. It will certainly get people to notice you.”

If you do decide to add some more color to your work style, we suggest you take it slow. It’s best to go with just one colorful item at a time, a pair of socks or a sweater perhaps, rather than trying to fit all the colors of the rainbow into a single outfit. That will still get people to notice you, but not in a good way.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.