The monster movie genre is coming back with a vengeance, and Colossal is looking to expand the scope of the genre with this surprisingly comedic take, starring Anne Hathaway. Although a Cloverfield-size monster shows up in Seoul, South Korea, the movie is focused around Anne Hathaway and her lackadaisical friends, who are seen drinking beer and being merry around the time when the monster first appears. But why would the movie center on characters so removed from the conflict? This remains the question until Hathaway starts to move around and reveals that she has some psychic connection with the beast. Seeing a horrifying monster that has likely killed thousands gyrate slightly has to be a genre first.

The whole concept is fascinating—the monster occupying an area the human characters don’t inhabit is an interesting way to up the comedic aspect. Obviously if the movie too heavily focused on the destruction and carnage, it would be difficult to make light-hearted. Also, it’s basically a comedic reversal of Pacific Rim so that’s pretty cool.

Colossal releases  April 7.