The browning of Saturday Night Live continues. Daily Show correspondent and former SNL guest writer Michael Che has been tapped as co-anchor of SNL’s coveted Weekend Update segment with Colin Jost. Che will be replacing Cecily Strong, and not everyone is happy about it.

To emphatically paraphrase two former Weekend Update anchors, Really?! You’re not buying the lame explanation? Really?!? I don’t have strong feelings about Strong, but I am curious what there is not to buy. According to The New York Times which first reported the development, SNL chief Lorne Michaels made the Che hiring public, saying, “This is about a new era, what feels appropriate for now.“

Putting aside the fact that the "new era” to which Michaels is alluding is not really that new — one wherein white people share America with black people and people of all races and creeds who like to see themselves represented in the media they consume — the biggest stories of the year from Ferguson to Donald Sterling have involved race. Sure, this is a jokey news program we’re talking about here, but many of the stories are real. It makes sense that at least one of the people consistently behind the desk be able to contribute a native perspective if not sensitivity to the discussion.

Here’s a clip of Che from The Daily Show doing just that: