Comic-Con happened in San Diego this weekend, which means almost every movie and T.V. show you’re looking forward to over the next year got a shiny new trailer. So, because watching them all today will probably get you fired, we’ve sifted through the visual onslaught ourselves and included the handful of clips that are worthy of your lunch break.

Will Smith’s first buddy cop movie since Bad Boys 2 finds him sharing a squad car with an actual orc. That’s the clever twist in Netflix’s upcoming urban fantasy where archetypal creatures from your favorite Tolken book coexist with common L.A. street thugs. David Ayer directs, Joel Edgerton plays the orc, and Will Smith beats up fairies with a broom. What’s not to love? (December 22)

American Horror Story: Cult
Ryan Murphy promised us the next season of his horror anthology will be based on the 2016 election, and gave us a trailer full of creepy killer clowns instead. If it’s meant as a metaphor for the people currently running our country, it’s not a very subtle one. Then again, subtlety has never been Murphy’s strong suit. (September 5)

The Walking Dead
It was only a matter of time before the mastermind’s behind AMC’s reigning ratings juggernaut did something drastic to shake up a show that feels like it’s been running on fumes lately. Cut to the end of the action-packed trailer for season eight, where we see old man Rick with an old man beard. Lost’s “We have to go back” time jump remains one of the most effective moments in television history, so maybe they’re onto something here. (October 22)

Marvel’s The Defenders
With Justice League and a new Avengers movie on deck, we don’t really need anymore stories about superheroes teaming up to save us from evil. But when that evil is played by an irresistible Sigourney Weaver, and when those superheroes happen to be Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil (and fine, you too Iron Fist) we can’t help but get a little pumped for the culmination of Netflix and Marvel’s fruitful partnership. (August 18)

Ready Player One
Here’s a surefire way to get Comic-Con’s famed Hall H to go nuclear: Bring Steven Spielberg on stage and ask him to introduce the first trailer for his adaptation of Ernest Cline’s beloved sci-fi novel, Ready Player One. Pack that trailer with pop culture references from the fanboy canon (Back to The Future and Nightmare on Elm Street both qualify), then sit back and watch the fireworks. (March 18)

Justice League
It’s hard not to be skeptical about DC’s upcoming superhero blowout, which feels like a rushed response to Marvel’s massive Avengers movies. But in this latest extended trailer, Ezra Miller absolutely crackles as The Flash and Jason Momoa looks like he’s having a blast as Aquaman, which is infectious. But the real reason this one will be a must see come fall? Two words: Wonder Woman.

Stranger Things
This is the only show on television that can compete with Game of Thrones when it comes to sheer fan frenzy. So it’s no surprise that the Duffer Brothers brought their A-game to San Diego with a trailer that delivers on their promise that season 2 will be bigger, darker and scarier than its predecessor. Also, major bonus points for setting all to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for peak ‘80s nostalgia.

Well, this was unexpected. While we won’t be seeing the first episode of Westworld’s second season until well into next year, that didn’t stop HBO from giving us a glimpse at what’s become of the titular amusement park after the huge robot rebellion that ended the show’s inaugural season. And by the looks of it, last season’s sea of carnage was only the beginning. (2018)

Thor: Ragnarok
There’s never been major interest around the Thor standalone films, especially in comparison to his superhero buddies. But that’s no longer the case thanks to the weird and wonderful looking footage we’ve seen from the Norse god’s latest cinematic chapter. People are genuinely excited for this movie, thanks in large part to director Taika Waititi’s eye-popping visual flare. Cate Blanchett looks absolutely delicious as Hella, the God of Death, and Loki’s decided to stop being a jerk and help his brother out. This one is a must-see. (November 3)

My Friend Dahmer
Unlike the usual splashy fare that get’s all the attention Comic-Con, this adaptation of Derf Backderf’s acclaimed graphic novel is a small, thoughtful portrait of a high school outcast who becomes one of the world’s most notorious serial killer. Look for it this fall. (TBD)