You’ve called the movies made from your graphic novels Wanted and Kick-Ass “$100 million ads for my books.” Is Kingsman: The Secret Service another ad for the comic book on which it’s based?
My expectations were high for Secret Service, but the director, Matthew Vaughn, has surpassed them. He’s done his best movie so far.

What’s it like seeing your comic book adapted for the big screen?
There’s something Being John Malkovich about walking around sets that once existed only behind my eyeballs. Comics are my passion, but it’s lovely to see a comic having another life.

The movie has some recognizable faces in it, including Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Hamill. Did fans question any of the casting choices?
The big one is Taron Egerton. Egerton is the heart of the movie. When I saw his audition, my mind was blown. I don’t think he even had an agent, which I’m sure Matthew was delighted about, because he probably got him for $20.