Would you consider yourself a big fan of The Elder Scrolls series of fantasy roleplaying games that includes hits like Oblivion and Skyrim? Yeah, me too, but even if you absolutely adore these games, even if you’re the kind of person who’d wait in line for hours just to get a copy of the latest one, I’m betting you’re not as big a fan as Tyler Kirkham.

Kirkham, an artist who’s worked on comics like Green Lantern Corps and Earth 2: World’s End, loves The Elder Scrolls series and the fictional continent of Tamriel so much that he spent $50,000 to transform his basement into an Elder Scrolls paradise. In the video above, you’ll get the grand tour of this shrine to one of gaming’s biggest franchises, complete with waterfalls, an alchemy lab, authentic weapons, and more. It’s like buying your own house in Skyrim, only Kirkham put real money into it.