You will soon be able to literally roll Willie Nelson up and smoke him.

Nelson tells The Daily Beast that he’s launching his own brand of marijuana, which he calls Willie’s Reserve. The 81-year-old country rebel has advocated for legalized marijuana for most of his life and even smoked pot on the roof of the White House in the 1980s. Later this year, Nelson will open retail stores in the states where weed is legal and sell his own strain, plus Willie Nelson-branded bongs and a few other strains that he believes are environmentally sound. They will also, of course, be strains that he personally likes to smoke.

Nelson is the second major celebrity to reveal marijuana companies within the past few months. Bob Marley’s estate has also announced a Bob Marley-branded cannabis empire. As legalization spreads, more and more celebrities will want to get in on that market. We predict celebrity-branded weed will be the next celebrity-branded headphones.

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