When it comes to condoms, there’s no such thing as one size fits all.

But now there’s a solution for any man of any size, whether you’re too girthy for a Magnum XL, or so size-inhibited that a regular condom fits your dong like a garbage bag fits over a toothpick.

UK-based company TheyFit no offers 95 different condom sizes, with 14 different lengths and 12 different widths.

“We make custom-fit condoms, so whatever size condom a particular gentleman requires,” Thomas Newman, a TheyFit customer support agent, told Vice. We don’t cater to just the big guys, just the small guys, just the average guys—we cater to all guys. Obviously, those who are particularly small or particularly large, or particularly atypical, come to us the most distressed and eager to fix their issue because they have suffered the most from the traditional sizes.“

According to Newman, that frustrating lack of feeling you might experience during sex with a condom is usually because you’re using a condom too small for your beastly package.

To order the perfect condom, a customer need only go to TheyFit’s website and enter the length and circumference of his erect member. The site even offers a FitKit you can print out to produce an accurate measurement.

Now here comes the sad part: TheyFit’s condoms aren’t yet available in the US. The company is being cock-blocked by the FDA, which currently only allows the sale of condoms that are at least 6.29 inches long and up to 2.13 inches wide.