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The Complete Guide to Your Movember Moustache

The Complete Guide to Your Movember Moustache: BY FREDERIKE HELWIG


Let other men cultivate unkempt face caterpillars this Movember. If you’re going to go hirsute to raise awareness of men’s health issues, this is your best chance to experiment with a look you may want to hold on to, or at least inspire conversation (or behind-the-back ridicule). Whatever the case, you should pick a flattering or funky style, get growing a few weeks in advance of November and set yourself up with the proper gear to keep your activist mustache well-groomed.

00 From-the-Mag November-2014 Strut-Your-Stache Triptych


Clip Art, $12
Trim your mustache for Movember; keep these in your dresser drawer for cutting stray threads the rest of the year.

01 From-the-Mag November-2014 Strut-Your-Stache Scissors

Wax On, $17
Capt. Fawcett’s Expedition Strength Moustache Wax will keep your handlebars up and at the ready.

02 From-the-Mag November-2014 Strut-Your-Stache Wax

Comb Alone, $9
Small enough to keep in your pocket, this classic comb from Kent is handmade in England.

03 From-the-Mag November-2014 Strut-Your-Stache Comb

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