Things tend to escalate quickly in American politics, and if only Conan O'Brien knew that politics also deeply apply to the twitterverse. Especially when it comes to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. First woman in the United States to become Secretary of State, and the last woman you would ever want to get into an argument with.

And just like most Twitter wars all begin, the altercation started out rather innocently (but a tad bit sexist). The host of Conan on TBS initiated the war Thursday when he tweeted Albright a rather seasonally appropriate tweet about what he wanted to be for Halloween. Well, appropriate in the eyes of funny-man Conan.

And instead of giving O'Brien the virtual “fuck off” silence, spit-fire Albright decided to stick it to him. He should have known Diplomats have a way with words.

And that escalated quickly.

But hey, when you want to tango with Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on Twitter, prepare to feel the burn. Especially considering this is a Diplomat who won a Presidential Medal of Freedom Award and set the standard for women in politics.

So obviously sass and come backs run very deep in her blood….

And boom. I can feel this bomb all the way from D.C.

Moral of Conan’s tweet war: don’t come at Madeleine Albright, even on a good day. She will own you. And no, she will never approve of your slutty Halloween costume.

Nicole Theodore is a digital intern at Playboy. Feel free to harass her onTwitter. Especially if you are Conan O'Brien.