Fascinating as No Man’s Sky, an upcoming universal exploration game, is, it remains unclear what players will actually spend their time in the game doing (besides exploring).

We know there’s some potential spaceship dogfighting, various factions to ally with, and planets full of alien dinosaurs and resources to be harvested, but it feels like the bulk of No Man’s Sky has yet to be glimpsed. The game’s developers, Hello Games, have shared details about it in fits and starts, which makes it extra valuable that Polygon has published five full minutes of nonstop gameplay (click through to watch). It doesn’t have a lot of clues, but we do get yet another look at the size, scope and beauty of the universe Hello is creating.

No Man’s Sky is a title that’s resonating with a lot of people and has been for a while now. It’s incredibly ambitious, and there’s a lot riding on it. Then again, with those adorable red dino-dogs things, how could it possibly fail?