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13 Converted Spaces that Were Turned Into Super Cool Homes

13 Converted Spaces that Were Turned Into Super Cool Homes:

While some people just see a smelly garbage truck or an abandoned factory, others see an opportunity to convert them into some pretty crazy living spaces. Some of these 13 spaces honestly defy all expectations, and show that really any place can be turned into something livable. Yes, even garbage trucks and dumpsters. I know, I don’t really get that either. But you’ll be surprised to see how cool these projects turned out.

Shipping container

Airplane hanger

Wine cask

Giant rock

House inside a shipping container house

Garbage dumpster

Cement factory

Antique Fire Truck

Garbage truck

Seashell house


RV trailer

Fire Tower

Nicole Theodore is the Girls Co-Editor for She enjoys traveling to strange places around the world and writing about it.

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