We don’t know about you, but early summer always makes us want to hit the streets on two wheels instead of four. It’s simply the most fun way to get anywhere that doesn’t involve a Segway. That said, basic bicycle technology has barely changed since the things were invented almost two hundred years ago, so in these gadget and app-centric times it only seems right to add a few modern bells and whistles to your trusty old Schwinn. Here are our top picks for some summertime biking gear.

Wahoo RFLKT+

The Wahoo RFLKT+ is your all-in-one, endlessly customizable, iPhone-powered bike computer. Eliminating the need to install wires and other gadgets by the wheel, this handy little gadget uses your phone’s GPS receiver to record speed, distance, and lap time, and can also be configured to show your current altitude, the current song playing, and any number of other options. This miniature powerhouse works with both the free Wahoo app and several other fitness trackers, and mounts just about anywhere you’d like. In our tests it performed exceptionally well all around, although the GPS had some limitations in terms of recording speed accurately.


If you’re not satisfied with the speed accuracy of the RFLKT+, simply pair it wirelessly with the BLUE SC, a speed and cadence sensor that mounts by your rear wheel and gives you hyper-accurate and real-time speed tracking, as well as letting you know how many rounds per minute your feet are managing. It’s a breeze to install, and combined with the RFLKT+ there is simply nothing that is not tracked, monitored, or recorded as you head out on your morning commute. The quantified bike ride, realized.

BikeConsole Smart Mount

But what if you don’t know where you’re going? Or simply visiting friends on the other end of town, in an area you’re not that familiar with? BikeConsole Smart Mount to the rescue! While it’s not exactly feature-packed, this handy little case lets you mount your phone to your handlebar for some sweet Google Maps action, while protecting it from the elements. Ride in style, and never get lost. Plus, if your ride is anything like ours when we tested this out, you will get a lot of attention from people who simply cannot believe they just saw someone bike past them WITH A GPS ON THEIR BIKE.

OGIO All Elements Pack

Speaking of the elements, you’re not letting a little rain hold you back, right? This OGIO All Elements Pack will keep everything safe and dry, thanks to its waterproof material and roll-top construction. It also has a removable liner with space for your laptop, tablet, and various other gear, in addition to a front stash pocket for quick access. We tried it out riding to our weekly soccer game in what can only be described as an end-times rain storm, and everything was dry as a bone when we arrived. While it’s not the biggest pack out there, it’s extremely comfortable and doesn’t look half bad either.