Arguably, the most important part of traveling to a new city is having the proper intel on where the coolest local drinking hole is. Let’s be real, grimy dive bars are going to semi-good in every city, but drinking and partying in an underground bar? That takes sight seeing to a whole new weird level. Here’s 8 subterranean bars around the world you should know that you’ll definitely get major points for from your travel squad.

Photo via The Cavern Pub

Photo via The Cavern Pub

The Cavern Club - Liverpool, England
Any bar that is credited as the birthplace of The Beatles is one worth trekking to. The Cavern Club, which became one of the most popular bars in England, is an arched cellar consisting of straight brick under a seven-story fruit warehouse. If it looks like a wine cellar that’s because that’s what it used to be used as, along with an air raid shelter during World War II.

Photo via [Cave Bar More](

Photo via Cave Bar More

Cave Bar More - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Any European city that hosts Game of Thrones is bound to have several good places to drink. But the bar at Hotel More takes drinking to another level. Nestled deep inside a natural cavern, the multilevel space is filled with stalagmites and stalactites What to drink? Get a glass of Rakia, southeast Europe’s local brandy, or opt for Ožujsko Limun which is a lemon-flavored beer.
Dom im Berg Orpheum - Graz, Austria
There’s more than just recreating cheesy The Sound of Music photos in Austria. The second largest city in Austria, Graz is home to one of the most unique underground bars in the country. The multi-functional space is literally built into a mountain, and is composed of one massive venue for big artists to play in, and then another smaller one for more experimental music.
Photo via [Eguren Ugarte](

Photo via Eguren Ugarte

Eguren Ugarte - La Rioja, Spain
Drink Spanish wine the right way in this hand-dug tunnel at the base of a 143-year-old vineyard at the base of a mountain. Besides the fact that Eguren Ugarte is stocked full of casks with aging Spanish wine, there are even carved-out nooks that wine club members can rent out for tastings. If you get anything but wine here, consider seeing yourself out.
Photo via [imagine Punta Cana](

Photo via imagine Punta Cana

Imagine Punta Cana - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
With DJ booths anchored into stalagmites and multiple caves to party in, Imagine Punta Cana is one of the coolest underground bars in the Dominican Republic. You’ll get to bounce around and choose what you’re into, considering there’s top 40 hits at the Main Cave, EDM and dance at Electro Cave and festivals and live shows at Universe Cave. And if you got the cash, there’s even a private cave for VIP service where if you throw down $400 for a table, they’ll match it with a $400 bar tab. Not too shabby.
Cave Bar - Petra, Jordan
The bat cave of your dreams lies in Petra, Jordan at the appropriately named Cave Bar. Tucked away inside the Petra Guest House, the ancient city vibes inside this hotspot brings in visitors from all over the world. Between the carved stone columns and archways in the lounge and the fact that it’s seriously in a 2000-year-old Nabatean rock tomb, you’ll feel like you’re getting wasted in your own version of Indiana Jones.
Photo via [Trinity Place](

Photo via Trinity Place

Trinity Bar - New York, New York
So there are underground cave bars, and then there are bars built into converted bank vaults. You’ll walk up to 35-ton bank vault doors dating back to 1904 at Trinity Bar in NYC, and indulge on Irish Chef’s Donal Crosbie’s homeland creations. But let’s be real — we’re all there for the hand crafted cocktails or a properly poured pint of Guinness.

Photo via Bunkr Parukářka

Photo via Bunkr Parukářka

Bunkr Parukářka - Prague, Czech Republic
I honestly can’t think of a better conversion than turning a 1950s Cold War bunker into a full-fledged quirky bar and nightclub. The graffiti-covered doors of Bunkr Parukářka welcomes you into a time when a nuclear attack was once thought to be a serious risk. Complete with vintage gas masks and wacky street art, you’ll definitely never find yourself in an underground bar as unique as this. The city’s top DJs flock to the venue, and has become known as the home to avant-garde electro-pop artists. Claustrophobic? There’s emergency exits, don’t worry.

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