I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the police force. I had an NWA cassette tape very early on in my development and it turned me against them pretty fast. That being said, there are times when the cops are invaluable and really are protecting and serving. Below are nine horrendous stories told on Reddit from various members of law enforcement about the worst perpetrators they have had to arrest. Warning: some of the stories are pretty terrible.

The most memorable person was a 17 year old who killed two men by stabbing them in the head with a screwdriver. He was just acting the hard man in front of his buddies and picked on these two guys for nothing. The thing that got me was his complete lack of remorse or regret. I’d never properly understood what a psychopath was until then.

This one job I went to, man, it lives with me every day even years later. This woman, as a child, witnessed her parents burn to death in their car after a crash and she suffered severe PTSD from that incident. She was in a relationship with a piece of sh-t who was abusive and, knowing what had happened to her parents, decided one day to pour gas over her and go through a whole box of matches, casually throwing the lit matches closer and closer to where she was cowering in the corner. She never actually caught fire and the man was arrested at the scene. I will never forget that poor woman. I cannot comprehend the amount of fear she felt. Nothing I have ever experienced or witnessed since has come close to that kind of calculated cruelty before or since.

My partner and I chased down a kidnapper/rapist. Guy convinced a petite drunk girl to go into an alley, while back there he beat her and tried to rape her. She was wearing jeans and he couldn’t get them off. If she hadn’t been wearing jeans, he’d have completed the act. A passerby called 911 and my partner and I stopped him less than a block away. We caught a lucky break too, the entire attack was caught on a security camera we were able to immediately obtain. Watching the video nearly made me cry on duty. With that arrest we were able to close out 3 other sexual assaults. The guy was a serial rapist who usually preyed on homeless women.

I was on call on Halloween one night and got a call about a shooting that had just occurred in a fairly decent part of the town I worked in. Being that it was Halloween and the part of town, I of course thought this was just another prank call. As I’m heading to the call, dispatch advised that they are getting multiple calls and reports of multiple victims. With this, I realized this probably wasn’t a prank call and actually ended up being the first person on scene. Turns out that some kids were trick or treating and when they knocked on the door of this one house, the guy inside freaked out and unloaded an AK-47 through the glass door, into two kids and the father. I then spent 3 hours interviewing the suspect. I’ve interviewed a lot of suspects, murderers included and this was the most mentally and physically exhausting interview of my life.

A few years ago we get sent as the second car to a family disturbance, sent as routine. Halfway there we get updated to roll code 3 to a shots fired call at the same house. We arrive and there is a young man with what looks like a stick in his hand lying on the ground already zero (dead). My partners have an older man in handcuffs in the back of their unit. After speaking to a lady (the wife) and another young man (son) who were home, the story comes out. The family disturbance was the deceased young man breaking a chair and hitting his dad with the broken chair legs. Dad gets gun, warns son, son doesn’t stop, dad shoots son in face and kills him. I will never forget the way the father looked me in the eye and said “I’m going to hell for this aren’t I?”

Had a guy who had been molesting his girlfriend’s daughter. He found out he had gotten busted and took a whole bunch of methadone. Was found unresponsive and put in an ice bath by his friend. Hell of it is that when we show up the girlfriend is defending him, stashing contraband and trying to keep us from entering the department without a warrant. Exigent circumstances (get out of my way) and we got him to the hospital. Hell of it is that while we got him out she flushed all their stuff and deleted all the images from his phone of the rapes. F-cking mom choosing her rapist boyfriend over her daughter. Lowest of the low. He pled to a lesser charge eventually due to a lack of evidence and she caught a tampering with physical evidence charge and got her kid taken away. She’s out and works at a local restaurant that I’ll never go to again.

My worst was a response to a home for attempted suicide with the individual still armed with a knife. When we arrived the suspect was walking down the side of the road at 3 am. Covered in blood from having cut himself over most of his body with moderate to deep cuts he was covered. While we where standing around ordering him to drop the knife he stood like a statue not saying anything but staring. This guy was a towering 6'5 220 pound man who looked at me a 6’ 160 pound 22 year old and said “ I’m going to take your gun and shoot him. Referring to my FTO at the time who was similarly built to me. I deployed a taser which did nothing but anger him, my FTO deployed his which brought him down. Trying to handcuff a man covered in blood is terrifying, all the blood borne diseases you can contract. He was transported to the hospital for his self inflicted wounds. Upon further investigation this guy had been luring cats and dogs to him which he would end up killing and skinning. In this guys shed he had a harvesting room where he would turn the pelts of these animals into clothing, you name it this guy had made it. The entire thing reminded me of some horror movie with a stench you could not stomach. That was my first week as a sworn officer, I turned 21 three days before graduating the academy. 

Arrested a doctor for sexually battering female patients. I’ve had partners of mine arrest even more awful people (like child rapists) but this man I actually arrested. He would only target his female clients who were mental health patients, so that many of their claims were overlooked due to their existing bi-polar disorders or depression. He was a POS and his wife sat next to him the entire trial. True love, right? He lost his medical license but we lost the case due to almost half of his victims refusing to testify and his high dollar, very educated attorney.