James Bond has been reinvented many times, across just about every medium that exists. What’s the one constant in the world’s favorite secret agent? His trusted Aston Martin, and that signature growl of the powerful engine inside it.

But that could all change, according to a recent interview with Aston Martin’s CEO, Andy Palmer. In an interview with CNBC, Palmer was asked about the prospect of Her Majesty’s finest stepping behind the wheel of an electric car, and he made a fine point about what a great fit such a vehicle would have for the indomitable secret agent.

“What does electric give you?” Palmer said. “It gives you phenomenal acceleration, phenomenal torque – immediate pick-up, there’s no lag.”

While his answer might surprise you, it’s no shock that the answer might be motivated less by Bond’s predilection for the environment so much as it could be driven by Aston Martin’s business interests. As the industry glides towards the inevitable death of fossil fuels, it’s only realistic to expect that even fabled luxury brands like Aston Martin will eventually add more battery-powered options like their RapidE concept to their stable.

We love a good Bond movie as much as anyone else, but any big fan of the genre will remind you that no matter who is playing him, he’s only about as good as the car he’s driving. Let’s hope that Aston Martin carries their tradition of building to the highest standard into the electric era and beyond.

Via Road & Track.