In a time of choreographed flash mob proposals and ultra-sappy tear-fests caught on video, this couple—Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins—stands out as the coolest ever by making their own personal episode of Drunk History.

This was by no means a halfhearted cutesy effort either. It was legit. It has the story pacing, comedic timing, and flawless speech-mimicking of an actual episode of Derek Waters’s show. It’s adorable, sure, but I honestly haven’t experienced this level of FOMO from a couple since Jay-Z and Beyoncé got together.

Not only does this video obviously rule, but the couple’s first dance at the reception, which is usually one of, like, three songs, totally went curveball because it included a freakin’ levitation magic trick. Oh, and they cut their cake with a sword. So…great. They’re perfect. There’s no two ways about it. Love is not a myth. These two have it, and you should be super pumped for them while being equally irate that you’re not friends with them.