During every election season, celebrities come out and endorse the candidate of their choice. Usually this means they either throw a fancy dinner party where all their other rich, famous friends give money to the candidate. Or they hold a big rally where the celebrity gives a big speech about the environment or whatever and then say the candidate is the best person to solve this problem for some reason. Celebrities are stupid and we shouldn’t take their opinions seriously.

Courtney Stodden seems to understand that no one actually cares what famous people think about politics. So when she announced her support for Senator Bernie Sanders, she did so in an unusual way. And by unusual, we mean really weird. Take a look:

Me & Mr. Sanders have a thing going on… 😏 #MrPresident #TalkBernieToMe #CrushingHard #BernieSanders 💯🍾

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We’re not sure if this is sexy or just plain weird. Bernie would probably be very torn on this endorsement video. On one hand, it shows a woman basically giving him a lap dance, which we assume he would be against. And on the other hand, it doesn’t seem like it was made with a lot of money, which would be in line with his whole “revolution of the 99 percent.”

Or he’d probably just think it’s weird and move on. Oh well. At least Courtney has other Instagram pics.

😘 #picoftheday

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It’s Friday 😍 & I’m down for some martinis & cherries 🍒🍸 #picoftheday

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🌹 I love my bed #picoftheday

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