Yesterday, I wrote about how well Kim Kardashian knows the Internet. She knows what works and she knows what goes viral. I guess Courtney Stodden was taking notes, because right now she’s looking like Kim’s star student.

Working on a new single! It’s coming out soon… Oh & I can’t find anything to wear either, Kim! #girlproblems #kimkardashian

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Let’s give it up for Courntey Stodden, who’s clearly the Internet’s valedictorian. Just one day after Kim posted a nude selfie that broke the Internet (which was one day after Kim posted the first nude selfie of the week), Courtney decided it was a good idea to follow her lead. I must agree, it was a very good idea.

I, for one, am all for this trend of women being proud to show off their incredible bodies. The first reason is because I think they should be proud of who they are and feel empowered when displaying their wonderful physiques. Reason number two is because I just straight up like looking at attractive women without their clothes on. I wonder who’s going to give it a try tomorrow!

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