Yesterday was National Waffle Day, because for some reason we’ve decided that every single day of the year needs to be dedicated to a different food item. And while the average American didn’t give two sh*ts that this holiday was happening, Courtney Stodden made sure to promote the holiday as best she could.

So how did she raise awareness for National Waffle Day? By getting naked and covering herself in waffles, of course.

Instagram, Courtney Stodden

Instagram, Courtney Stodden

That’s certainly one way to celebrate. Luckily it was a food item that can cover Courtney’s considerably large assets. She’d probably have a much harder time avoiding Instagram’s nudity rules on National Oreo Day or National Raisin Day, which I’m pretty sure are real things.

Courtney’s also been posting some other scintillating content on her Instagram as well, such as a picture of herself topless in front of the refrigerator:

Or her just chilling in the pool:

And just other random pictures of herself wearing very little clothing:

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