At this point, we’ve come to expect that just about any movie can get the remake treatment, so much so that it’s a wonder no one’s tried it with Casablanca yet (actually, strike that: Pamela Anderson’s Barb Wire was a Casablanca reworking). Certain remake announcements still sting, though, and this is one of those: We’re getting a remake of The Craft.

Yes, the sleepover staple about teen witches getting into trouble that’s one of the definitive ‘90s movies (It starred Neve Campbell while Party of Five was still on; that’s how '90s it is.) will be reimagined by Leigh Janiak, who broke out in a big way last year among horror fans with her debut feature Honeymoon.

Janiak will direct, and will script the film with her Honeymoon co-writer Phil Graziadei, while original Craft producer Doug Wick will return to produce. We don’t know yet how the story and characters will evolve to suit a 2010s audience (all the witches have Apple Watches?), but we’ll find out soon enough.

Now, everyone light a candle and summon the spirits to make sure the Remake Gods don’t go after The Worst Witch next.