It’s entirely possible you never watched The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. It was on pretty late/early, depending on how you view time. It never got the same push that, say Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, or Conan O'Brien got in the same time slot. It was never “popular,” but it was — for 10 years — always fantastic.

So when Ferguson wrapped up The Late Late Show last December, those of us among the happy, faithful few took some solace in the fact that he was prepping a syndicated talk show that would lead into primetime programming on Tribune TV stations. After all, despite the tickled absurdity of Ferguson as a late-night host, he was also an interviewer par excellence. Witness his hour-long chat with Stephen Fry, which he conducted sans audience:

Alas, the aforementioned syndicated talk-show is now no more: Apparently, you can’t take Jeopardy and The Wheel of Fortune away from folks.

Or, perhaps Ferguson’s jelly is of a make that pre-primetime audiences remain unprepared for.

(Via Nerdcore, A.V. Club)

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