Finding a trustworthy, suitable person to look after your children while you work or spend a night out can be tough. On the flip side, after reading some of these stories, finding a suitable family to babysit for can be even tougher. Below are some of the strangest and most insane tales as told by the babysitters of Reddit.

1. That’s What You Get For Babysitting For Senor Chang

I used to live in a big apartment building in NYC and babysat for a lot of our neighbors. One family had this father who liked to grease himself up with Vaseline and chase stray cats through the heating ducts. Sometimes he’d do this for hours so the mother would get a sitter for their two kids if she wanted to go out. Anyways, the first time I sat for them the mother greeted me and then left. I had no idea the father was scooting around the building until he burst out of the heating vent below the living room window completely naked and glistening with Vaseline. He was so greasy he actually slipped on the floor when he first tried to stand up.

2. I Still Do This If You Try And Take My Cookies

When I was thirteen I spent a summer babysitting the two most spoiled little shits it’s ever been my displeasure to come across. Things were fine for the first week or so–then one evening I told the eldest, Kristin, that she wasn’t to have more than the three cookies before dinner that I’d already given her (and I really wasn’t supposed to have given her those). Her response? To take off all of her clothing and nakedly run into the wall over and over, smashing her head into it hard enough to leave dents. As I watched her do this (in absolute horror) I then noticed similar dents all over the walls. Within five minutes her little sister, Mary, had begun to do this, too. Well, I let them do it. I wasn’t having it. Even at thirteen I had no tolerance for that shit. So I sat down and read a book while they proceeded to destroy mom’s security deposit.

3. No One Puts Baby To Bed

“I’m gonna cut you” – From a 3-year-old girl because I told her it was time to get ready for bed.

4. At Least The Evidence Was Overwhelming

I babysat for a weird family in my town. They had 3 daughters who were super awesome and we always had a blast. Anyway, the parents are into weird stuff…One of the things they liked to do was for any major decisions they needed to make they would get out a sinker attached to a string and ask it questions. If it swung a certain way, it meant yes and if it went the other way it meant no. So, I’ve been watching these girls for a couple years and one night the Mother asks where the Father and I go when he takes me home. I tell her that he takes me home right away. Well she says that it takes him 2 or 3 hours before he gets back. Obviously I’m stunned at what she’s insinuating. About a week after this, she tells me that I can no longer watch the kids because her sinker told her that the husband and I were having an affair. We weren’t. I was 12 for fucks sake.

5. This Kid Is Going To Be A Hit in High School

When I was a young teenager, maybe 14-15, I agreed to babysit a family every Friday night. It started off great, but as time went on it continued to get worse and worse. The parents were drunks, and they often forgot to pay me or would give me checks that were completely illegible, not signed, or even low payments. Once I got paid $3.54 for 11 hours of work. My dad would drag me back there Saturday mornings each time it happened and stand behind me while I asked for my payment. The last straw for my parents was one Friday night when this couple came home completely blasted drunk and had brought a few friends home. The women came into the house and ran upstairs making tons of noise. They came running back down the stairs like a couple of children racing to the bottom of the staircase wearing only bikini bottoms. I stood there in the living room while they rifled through the fridge and cupboards grabbing anything they could eat then running outside to meet the men who were standing on the patio getting the hot-tub running and warmed up. Then they stripped. And in front of my virgin, never seeing any kind of sexual interaction, 14 year old eyes, I watched as an orgy played out. Not knowing what to do, I called my house and my dad came to pick me up. As his vehicle’s lights lit up the driveway the couples stopped having their foursome and the mother of the children I was babysitting put a towel around herself and came running into the house apologizing and telling me she had forgotten I was there. My dad stood behind me while he demanded my payment. When I got the check he told them to never call me again. Got paid $185 though, so that was pretty sweet.

6. Well That Escalated Quickly…

I babysat for a very prominent family in my town- wife was a CEO, husband a lawyer. It was the best job ever! Two easy-going kids, $15 an hour (this was 15 years ago, so that was a TON of money), access to their pool, and an open invitation for my friends to come swim while I was “working”. In between my first and second summer working for them the parents divorced and the dad bought a giant house out in the country where I’d watch the kids sometimes. He made it very clear that his office and all the outbuildings were strictly off-limits. Okay, whatever, no problem. He had a “grounds keeper” who was always prowling around, hitting on me, and acting like a total creeper. If the kids or I came within 20 feet of the (supposedly empty) stables he’d shoo us away saying he’d spotted a dangerous snake, just sprayed for bugs, or some other BS reason to keep us away. Came home from school a few months after my summer gig was over and saw the dad’s mugshot on TV. He’d been busted as some kind of small-time drug lord, selling cocaine to dealers out of his house in the country and his “grounds keeper” was a wanted sex offender.