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The 10 Craziest (And Maybe, Most Deadly) Bridges in the World

The 10 Craziest (And Maybe, Most Deadly) Bridges in the World: Photo via Erik Cleves Kristensen

Photo via Erik Cleves Kristensen

You know the saying “when there’s a bridge, there’s way?” Well, there might not always be a way if the bridge was built 200 years ago. We’ve looked around the globe to find the oldest, craziest and most WTF bridges that supposedly connect you to another side.

I’ll just take other people’s words for it that they work. Here’s 10 insane bridges around the world you’ll either get excited or totally cringe over.

Photo via

Photo via

Trist Suspension Bridge, Switzerland
Cross the Swiss Alps with the help of the Trist Suspension Bridge, measuring at roughly 330 feet high and almost 600 feet long. I think I’ll pass on this on.

Poto via

Poto via

Pulau Langkawi’s Suspended Bridge, Malaysia
What does a nearly 3,000 feet long bridge look like? Palua Langkawi’s Suspended Bridge in Malaysia answers that question.

Photo via

Photo via

Canopy Walk, Ghana
If you ever needed assistance crossing treetops, the Canopy Walk in Ghana solves that problem. Watch out for monkeys, though.

Photo via

Photo via

Moses Bridge, The Netherlands
Dangerous? I don’t know. Very odd? Probably. But hey, at least we now know moats actually exist with the help of the Netherlands.

Photo via [Matt Chapman](

Photo via Matt Chapman

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Ireland
This bridge gives me the total creeps for some reason. It’s dangerous enough that only 8 pedestrians can be on it at once.

Photo via [](

Photo via

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, China
Any bridge that has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for world’s longest bridge over water is going to be a bit unnerving.

Photo by [Dave Gray](

Photo by Dave Gray

Aiguille du Midi Bridge, France
Sitting at the summit of the Auguille du Midi in the French Alps, this bridge should be avoided by anyone who can’t do heights. Seriously. At just about 12,600 feet in the air, this isn’t a bridge for amateurs.

Photo by [steeleman204](

Photo by steeleman204

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado
One of the highest suspension bridges in the world, the rather terrifying Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado doesn’t mess around when it comes to height. It spans about 1,260 feet and has a casual 955 feet below it. Gulp.

Photo via [thaths](

Photo via thaths

U Bein Bridge, Myanmar
I mean take a look at this thing — would you want to cross it? Built almost 200 years ago, the bridge has absolutely no hand railings and the only thing saving you from a free fall is a lake.

Photo via

Photo via

The Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan
Hey, gotta save the most wicked for last. The Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Pakistan has to be hands down one of the scariest bridges in the world. One quick Google search will have you feeling dizzy, I promise you. I wouldn’t do it if you just had lunch.

Nicole Theodore is an editorial assistant for Playboy. She’d rather swim with sharks than cross any of these bridges.

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