You guys remember The Butterfly Effect, right? Ashton Kutcher. Amy Smart. 2004. Well, it’s not just a movie, it’s the idea that one small change can alter or cause bigger changes later down the line. Reddit users were asked to reveal their real-life BE stories, the wildest ones we’ve compiled below.


My sister’s muffler fell off her car on the way to a family function. This meant that she could no longer lend it to my mom later that week as it would be in the shop for repairs. My mom had made a doctor’s appointment. My uncle volunteered to drive her instead. This minor change in plans, altered when my uncle and aunt would be able to leave the city by a few hours. They were supposed to go to their farm, but instead my aunt waited at her mother’s while my uncle was dropping Mom off. My aunt’s mother had a heart attack and would have been completely alone that afternoon if not for my sister’s car trouble. Because my aunt was there, she was able to call the paramedics and they were able to save her.


My mom had uncomfortable digestive symptoms for a year or so that couldn’t be explained. Her doctor ordered a colonoscopy and discovered colon cancer. She quickly had surgery and recovered well. She decided that it was important that my dad be screened just in case. Turns out he also had colon cancer. Six months after my mom’s surgery, my dad had a portion of his colon removed as well and recovered quickly. After recovery, my mom still had the same initial symptoms. It turns out she was lactose intolerant. Since both parents had colon cancer and no tell tale symptoms, my mom decided I needed to be screened as well. So my mom becoming intolerant to lactose later in life lead to me getting an otherwise completely uncalled for colonoscopy at the age of 27.


A close friend smoked two packs a day. Every day, he’d walk to the 7/11, buy a couple packs, and walk home. His apartment was right across the street and he would always take the same stoplight. The guys at the 7/11 knew him by name, loved the guy. He decides to quit smoking. Tells the guys at the 7/11 and they tell him good luck. They encourage him so much they refuse to sell cigarettes to him when he has a moment of weakness. He freaks out, heads back across the street in anger without waiting for the light, gets clipped by a motorcycle speeding through the intersection. Ambulances come - both head to same hospital.

Turns out the motorcycle rider runs his own construction business. My friend hangs drywall. Eventually the rider hires my friend at a higher salary. Two years later friend is doing very well, promoted numerous times, now has a team of guys working for him. Gets a phone call - boss was in another motorcycle accident. Boss ends up being paralyzed, has some brain damage from a concussion that slurs/slows his speech. Boss decides to sell the business to my friend. He decides to take it over and buy it. Friend now owns construction business and has grown it a lot. A few years later my friend gets an offer to sell the company to a larger company. My friend is 42 years old and retired, worth over $10 million now.


When I was 3-years-old, my father gave me a cheap, plastic toy airplane for Christmas. I fell in love with aviation because of that toy. This drove me to enlist as a helicopter mechanic and spend 10 years in the army. Last year, my love of aviation drove me to buy a ticket, that I could barely afford, to the annual air show. It was there that I met a representative from a helicopter flight school and learned that I could use my G.I. Bill benefits to pay for flight school. Now, I’m a private helicopter pilot and I’m working towards additional ratings. All because we were really poor when I was a child. My dad ended up giving me the greatest gifts a parent could give a child when he gave me that toy plane…imagination and passion.


My mom and dad were married in Mexico but soon after their wedding my father immigrated to the U.S. He was a legal resident so he could come and go as he wished yet my mom was not. He would visit, get my mom pregnant and soon after go back to the U.S. to work. Well, while living here he would carpool with a friend to go to work. He never missed a day because he was saving up to bring my mom, my two siblings and I to the U.S. so we could all finally be together. One cold winter morning he woke up and decided not to go to work. It was heavily snowing out. That never stopped him from going to work yet that day he decided otherwise. It turned out that the guy that he would carpool with got in a car accident and died. It’s scary to think that my dad would have died along with him. We would have never come to live in the U.S. and overall life would be so different for my family and I.


I had plans with my girlfriend for Saturday night a couple months back. I received a last minute call from my close buddy, inviting me to a party. I call my girlfriend, explain the situation, she said “Go ahead and have fun, I’m just filling out online job applications anyway, I’ll just finish doing this. We can just see each other tomorrow on Sunday.” I was so happy and relieved. I promised her a great night and had a couple gifts to give her as well. Things were going so good with this girl. As the night progressed I text her and ask her how things are going. She said that her friend was trying to drag her out. I encouraged her to go out, so she did. I text her a couple hours later, no response. I call her, no answer. The next day, I call her a couple times, no answer. I text her, no response. She completely flaked on our date with no explanation. I find out a couple days later that she is in a relationship with a guy she had met that night when her friend dragged her out - and I encouraged her. They are now engaged.

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