Acura stepped into the limelight at Detroit this year with two hot new concept vehicles aimed at the North American market: the ILX luxury sedan and the NSX super car. While we will come back to the former in a few weeks, we would like to draw your attention to the beautiful beast that is the NSX.Probably the most famous concept known stateside at the moment with its shining appearance alongside Jerry Seinfeld in this year’s Super Bowl XVVI; the NSX has automatic street cred for its angled design and race car appearance, which strikes a nice balance between chintzy and conservative.

Featuring a redesigned control system that integrates a two electric motor drive unit; the NSX’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD promises a handling experience unseen in previous Acura models. While the hybrid only boasts a mounted V-6, we anticipate this next-generation engine (which is still in development phase), will provide more than adequate HP and torque through a more productive design.

While we know Honda (Acura’s parent company) wants to get the wheels in motion, so to speak, they aren’t rushing production just yet. From what we’ve gathered, they would like to start getting these sweet sports cars on the road within three years with a production plant slated for Ohio.

That being said, we’re pretty sure the NSX will make reappearances at Detroit and perhaps Tokyo, Frankfurt, or Geneva for the next couple years as it hones the cabin design and tech specs (a la Chevy Camaro concept turned production). Like Seinfeld, we can’t wait to try it out!

ENGINE: Next-generation VTEC V6 with built-in electric motorHORSES: TBAHANDLING: New Sports Hybrid SH-AWDCONSUMPTION: TBA, HybridPRICE: TBAAVAILABILITY: TBA 2013-2015To check out the launch announcement press release: Click Here