{“pbembedwidget”:“gallery”,“id”:“14061”,“size”:“small”,“alignment”:“right”}Hot on the heels of yet another hot rod born of an anniversary, the Lamborghini Egoista, British sporting heavyweight Aston Martin decided that for their centenary this year they would pay homage to their impressive racing roots in the form of the CC100 Speedster Concept.

Launched last month to a crowd of thousands on the famous Nordschleife at Germany’s Nürburgring, this beautiful demon made its entrance alongside one of Aston’s greatest track treasures, the vehicle that inspired the CC100’s existence: a 1959 DBR1 with British racing legend Sir Stirling Moss behind the wheel. A vehicle whose perseverance and agility once stole Aston the crown on a 1000 km long race, which is quite the triumph to this day.

Taking the stage, Aston CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez laid out the meaning behind the creation of the CC100, what it stands for to the company now and how it showcases the abilities of its engineers and designers for the future. “CC100 is the epitome of everything that is great about Aston Martin. It represents our fantastic sporting heritage, our exceptional design capability, our superb engineering know-how and, above all, our adventurous spirit!”

The CC100 is powered by an impressive six-liter 12-cylinder in “V” configuration which is mated to an automated sequential manual gearshift for the ultimate expression of power, beauty and history. Any driver lucky enough to be allowed within (or one who has “borrowed” it for a joyride) will definitely appreciate the CC100’s naturally aspirated engine—something we’re really looking forward to with the new Camaro Z/28 out later this year.

Nicknamed the “DBR100” to celebrate both the DBR1’s legacy and, of course, the 100 years of Aston Martin history—including some of James Bond’s most memorable rides—the CC100 truly is a reflection and summation of the company’s work for both its consumer and racing divisions.

Designed and built at company global HQ in Gaydon, England, the construction of the CC100 was completed from brief to finish in under six months by the executive design team in collaboration with supplier giant Multimatic.

The objective was simple but the task was enormously challenging. As described by Chief Exterior Designer Miles Nurnberger, “Create something that reflects the 100 years of Aston Martin heritage and signals the future of the brand.” The CC100’s advanced styling builds upon the bolder design cues we’ve been seeing lately across the fleet. A radically different, but resoundingly exciting, creative new direction.

Bez concludes, “This car is more, even, than a simple ‘birthday present’ to ourselves: it shows that the soul of Aston Martin—the thing that differentiates us from all the other carmakers out there—is as powerful as ever.” Here’s to the future of Aston Martin; we’ll be watching as intently as always.