Launch Gallery South Korean automaker Hyundai exhibited its sporty new hatchback concept, entitled I-ONIQ, as part of the 2012 Geneva Auto Show last month. One of the feistier looking car breeds introduced recently, its conservative but sharp design combined with exceptional stats has us thinking they might just have a winner on their hands. This styling concept utilizes a hybrid engine system that allows for a decent 74 miles on electric power through its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This should be fairly attractive to any city dweller that enjoys the flexibility of cruising around town, but doesn’t want to fill up at today’s skyrocketing fuel prices. If urban isn’t your forte, I-ONIQ’s 1.0-Liter gas engine will add to your mileage and increase your total driving amplitude to 435 miles; which is enough to get you from Long Beach to San Fran on a single tank. With that combination, Hyundai is estimating that emissions will be no more than 28g of CO2 per mile. Virtually nothing compared to the new ‘environmentally-conscious’ Ferrari at 217.5g per mile. Body wise, the always functional hatchback embodiment gives the driver plenty of leg room, and is roomy enough to hold up to three Playmates to take on a thrill ride. For this specific purpose, the backseat has been envisioned by the designers as a ‘cozy lounge area’ which will provide contrast with the sporty front interior. This is in part due to the penthouse-style roof which offers additional head clearance and adds to the cabin’s expanse. Hyundai has put a strong emphasis on advanced tech options for this vehicle, which includes steering-wheel mounted movement control, enormous displays for navigation and media, along with a multi-layered floating instrument cluster that utilizes projection mechanics. The exterior of the coupe is highly fluid in shape, and focuses on the two arched curves that define the length of its 4.4 meter body. The dual gullwing doors offer a unique twist on a non-performance vehicle, but will definitely increase the I-ONIQ’s curb appeal to the younger generation. Topped off with striking LED headlights to guide the way, it’s definitely a cool vision of the company’s future stylings. To conclude, the I-ONIQ is definitely an exciting proposition from Hyundai and is a great ambassador of their next-gen “fluid structure” of design. While a potential price and production plans haven’t been released, we wouldn’t be surprised to see something resembling this vehicle come from Hyundai soon; as long as the asking price is reasonable of course. ENGINE (Gas): *1.0-Liter 3-cylinder* ENGINE (Electric): 80 kW Lithium-ion HORSES: *107.5 HP* RANGE (Electric): *74 miles* RANGE (Combined): *435 miles*** *TOP SPEED: 90 mph* EMISSIONS (Combined): *28g CO2 per mile* To check out the press release: Click Here.