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Known for traditionally conservative car designs, Lexus shocked crowds at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit with its vision of a luxury sports coupe: The LF-LC. Combining elements of Lexus’s current line, including the synonymous front grill and rear sight lines; the LF-LC breaks boundaries for the company with the flared wheel bases, dynamic front light design, and back side air intakes. This is an exciting prospect if Lexus continues down this path, mostly due to the fact that the angles seen in this sexy concept are not usually seen outside super car producers Ferrari and Lamborghini. While a mockup was shown in Detroit, Toyota told that the LF-LC is still too early in the concept phase for technical specifications to be established. It is “envisioned” as having an Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive, which means it should roughly follow the current trend of creating eco-friendly sport cars. The car’s interior is laid out with wood grain, leather, and suede; inset with dual 12.3” LCD screens for navigation and presumably consumption information (think the Chevy Volt’s center screen). These functions are controlled from a pop-up touch screen integrated into the vehicle’s central console. Our favorite elements, however, lie in the cockpit style seating under the floating glass roof, which will strongly contribute to the experience of driving this futuristic roadster ENGINE: *Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive* HORSES: *TBA* CONSUMPTION: *TBD, High-Energy Battery* PRICE: *TBA* Specs are still scarce, but to check out the press release: ***Click Here*** **Check out the launch video from the 2012 Detroit auto show:**