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After a sneak appearance in Los Angeles prior to its debut at the Beijing Auto Show this week, Mercedes-Benz ushered in the next-generation of luxury design for the company with its dramatically sexy Concept Style Coupé.

Strikingly dynamic in its bold masculine styling and decent power output for a smaller executive sports car, the CSC sets a strong precedent for its structure design, which focuses prominently upon eye-catching surface body lines on the hood and sides. These focal lines succeed in drawing the audiences’ center of attention from the futuristic aggressive anterior, to the tapered, conservative rear.

Two additional features we love on this vehicle (and can’t be forgotten upon seeing them) are the front lights and rims. The fascinating headlights, which encompass a successive light-up system similar to a keyboard; these frame the glaring red standby lights, which alone have the effect of a murderous creature about to ambush its prey. We strongly suggest you check out the video below to see what we mean.

The turbine rims, which are set within respectable 21-inch rubbers, are also a favorite compared to the nonsensical and boring designs we’ve seen recently coming out of China. Not only are they decisively unique in their flared and sporty design, they kind of remind of us of ninja stars, which makes for all kinds of awesome.

Inside this beast lies a relatively economical 2.0-Litre four-cylinder engine with exhaust gas turbocharging; which combined with Mercedes’ heavily reliable dual-clutch 4MATIC auto transmission, provides for optimum power and handling.

The interior of this bucket-style four seat coupe utilizes a sports-style dash, with a highly-sculpted instrument panel that is reminiscent of Chevy’s Camaro interface but with a touch more class and sophistication. While we’re hesitant to praise the lime green accenting in the production concept, we’re fairly confident additional choices will be available if it makes it to the showroom floor. That being said, we like the racy feeling of the cabin especially with the generous glass ceiling overhead.

Our guess is that most experienced drivers would be more than happy to take the CSC for a spin, and if our sources at Mercedes are correct, we could potentially be seeing a production variant as soon as 2014.

ENGINE: 2.0-Liter, 4-Cylinder, Direct-Injection

HORSES: *211 HP *




AVAILABILITY: TBA 2014 (if production is decided upon)

For more information click here, or check out the launch video below!