One of the hottest new vehicles to debut at the Geneva Auto Show last week, the convertible version of Land Rover’s hot selling Range Rover Evoque line, promises to be the next step for the famed British car maker; despite being now owned by India’s Tata Motors. The entrance into the convertible SUV/Crossover market is a major step for a company so focused on traditional styling. This smooth looking convertible concept relies heavily on its square platform base with the sight and design lines remaining relatively untouched in the conversion process. The soft-top roof is covered behind the back row of seats leaving a clean, refined finish to the upper exterior. The bar of the car tapers nicely with the integrated back lights in touch with the rest of the vehicle. It’s pretty easy to see why the company chose to shoot their promotional materials in both a high-urban, hip setting for a portion of the video, then traversing the seaside and eventually settling upon sand. This is definitely a cool car, and Land Rover is engaging with the higher-earning young professional market with this beauty. A versatile beast that exudes part-luxury, part-fun; but is at home both on the work or vacation scene. Due to the fact it’s currently not slated for production, the cars technical specifications aren’t available. Though, it would be easy to assume it would borrow some of the same stats as its hard-top cousin. The current Evoque features an Automatic 4WD 2.0-Liter traditional engine with six-speed transmission. Topping out at a decent 240 horses, this sweet ride utilizes ‘drive select’ paddle-shift controls if you so choose to take advantage of them. Consumption is set around 23 mpg combined city/highway, giving you anywhere from 332-517 miles depending on where the road takes you. Given the chance we would jump at the chance to get behind the wheel, which could always be a possibility if it garners enough interest. Go check it out at the next major car show! Check out the concept video below: