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Chevrolet had a dual surprise up its sleeves at the Detroit Auto Show this year, with the introduction of two lower-end concept vehicles aimed primarily at the youth market. While we will touch upon the Code 130R in the near future; today we proudly present to you the smoking; TRU 140S Concept.

Positioned as a young professional’s sports vehicle, the 140S combines slick styling and fuel economy in a pretty package. Featuring 150 horse power and a six-speed transmission, this powerful but efficient 1.4-Liter fuel-injected turbo engine gets the job done. Marketed by Chevy as an “affordable exotic,” the inner detailing is more reminiscent of Chevy’s revamped Camaro line. This sleek creature is also designed with the technology desired by the younger crowd: integrated MyLink connectivity for portable devices, and built-in WiFi capability.

The cool idea behind this concept is that it will be a technical work in progress (for the moment!). The 140S will travel to various auto shows, events, and college campuses in order to facilitate ideas on what the next-generation of youth sport car ought to be. Imagine getting your feature included! For the meantime though, we’ll take delivery of that concept model at our office.

The Stats:

ENGINE: 1.4-Liter Turbo Ecotec

HORSES: 150 HP @ 6500 RPM

CONSUMPTION: 40 mpg (based off the Chevy Cruze & Volt platform)

PRICE: Potentially in the low twenties

Specs are still scarce, but to check out the press release: Click Here

Check out the launch video from the 2012 Detroit auto show:

Video Courtesy of GM