Launch Gallery
First unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show last year, Ford Europe’s EVOS concept was a gleaming look into the future of auto design. We’re sorry to break it to you that the EVOS itself won’t be coming to dealers; this sporty plug-in is part of Ford’s plan to exploit revolutionary technologies that will define the next generation of their vehicles.

Envisioned through Ford’s Kinetic 2.0 design language that integrates technical efficiency with a refined body, the end result is meant to portray an increasingly premium feel to vehicles that are more individualized than mass produced.

With a look that hints of an Aston Martin and wings reminiscent of a Mercedes SLS, the four angular doors pull away from the vehicle in a diagonal fashion, giving this roadster a high-tech Batmobile feel.

No stats have been, or will be, released for this concept; the designers have envisioned this beast as a cloud-optimized plug-in hybrid which “maximizes efficiency by selecting the best combination of all-electric and hybrid modes to suit the predicted travel route.” This ability gives it the opportunity to switch its emissions based on future restrictions that may come into play.

The cloud-vision system further integrates social media and driver preferences to create a truly custom experience when on the road. The clean-cut interior features bright, customizable touchscreens which will be used in upcoming ford models. Combined with ergonomically-designed bucket seats, this 2+2 shows off its versatility when the rear doors rise on their hidden hinges, revealing the back interior. Though, the most fascinating thing we found is the single piece of flowing glass that connects the front and back windshields, creating a uniform sexy back form.

We just hope that at Tokyo or Frankfurt coming up, Ford will change its mind and put this baby into production!

Check out the concept video below, as well as the slick photos in the gallery.