Every story has two sides, and that goes double for romantic relationships (so four sides? I don’t know). When a breakup occurs, it is not unusual for each party to change the narrative a bit to make themselves look a little better. No one wants to be the bad guy/girl or the crazy one. Basically, people have a hard time taking responsibility in general. Knowing this, Reddit gave the “crazy ex” a chance to tell her side of the story and from what we gathered it looks as if, at least some of the time, the “crazy” was just a response to the insane.

1. Good Reason

My mom died. You broke up with me at her funeral. I feel like I was a tiny bit justified.

2. On Her Birthday

I had a terrible birthday. My mom had a positive biopsy, the cancer had spread, and it looked super high risk. There was drama at work, where I had to perform layoffs on some long-term employees. I texted him about it. He texted me back to make sure I was going to be home that night. I thought maybe he was going to surprise me with dinner or something. I come home and he was gone, but the TV was on and fast food wrappers were all over my couch. I was miserable and planned to take a bath and get drunk. Next thing you know, his son is at the door. He had dropped him off, expecting me to babysit while he went to Hooters with friends. He refused to answer his phone. When he did, he said he didn’t see the big deal, as I said I would be home. His version? I broke up with him because he didn’t get me a birthday present, and I was too materialistic.

3. Who Wouldn’t Want Those Back?

That a$$hole had about $1000 worth of my Blu Rays in his place, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to blow up his phone numerous times a day until he answered and gave them back to me.

4. A Perfectly Appropriate Reaction

I met his friends for the first time. We all went out and then came back to his house for drinks. I’m talking to his friends getting to know them and he’s upstairs talking to another friend. A girl goes upstairs and I think nothing of it until his friend comes down and I’m being directed elsewhere. I realize they’re trying to distract me and of course since I’d been drinking everything was a lot bigger of a deal. I throw a fit and go and knock at the LOCKED door and might’ve start screaming because what else was I supposed to do when he guy your seeing is in a locked room with a pretty girl? I’m humiliated, can’t be talked down and am alone cause they’re all his friends. Screaming, crying and the like. So that’s how I became the crazy one.

5. Sounds Like Her Friends are Also Idiots

We dated for five years so we had many friends in common. I found out he was cheating on me through sexts he left open while he was in the shower. I freaked out and I threw his stuff out of MY apartment (he was living there “temporarily” until he could find a job). I wanted to be alone to figure my life out so I turned off my phone so he couldn’t contact me and took off work for a couple days. After mentally recuperating, I turn on my phone to some mutual friends calling me a bitch. I find out that he had told them I threw him out of OUR apartment because he was talking to his sister and I thought he was cheating. He said I made him homeless. They believed him because I never responded to the accusations because my phone was off! So now they think I’m super jealous and I was crazy because I made him “homeless.” (His parents live 45 min away, he started living with them.)

6. How Many Friends Did He Have in the First Place?

I found out that my ex was a registered sex offender (the victim was a young child), on probation, considered at high risk to reoffend, and had several court mandated restrictions and requirements. His dad and stepmother had helped him hide it from me for close to 3 years. I dumped him immediately and went no contact, but a friend of mine started dating him. He helped care for her sister’s child, who was the same age and gender as my ex’s victim. I told her and she confronted him. He denied it and said that I was a crazy and couldn’t handle being dumped. She accused me of slandering him and trying to ruin his life. I showed her the court records I had copies of. She dumped him and outed him publicly. He then went on a campaign to trash me to anyone who would listen to his rants.

7. Sounds Like His Life’s Pretty Messed Up Now, So That’s Good

In the eyes of his family, I’m a crazy girl who caused him to lose his job with a prominent university in our state by filing a restraining order against him. Then after the restraining order was dismissed, I further ruined his life by accusing him of domestic violence, causing him to lose custody of his son. In reality, he threatened to murder my family and me after I broke up with him the first time, causing me to file the restraining order. Being young and dumb, I attempted to rekindle the relationship after the restraining order was dismissed. After a couple of months, he hacked into my Facebook account and posted naked photos of me, then beat me when I confronted him about it, which is why he got domestic violence charges. And he lost his son because he likes to smoke pot and blow it in his face and let him play with his bong.

8. This Guy Just Sounds Desperate

I accused my high school boyfriend of having an emotional affair with his best friend and that it made me uncomfortable when they were alone together. He told her how beautiful she was at prom and never commented on my dress. His guy friend, who is still a close friend of mine to this day, ended up pretty much being my date while he hung out with this chick. A lot of his guy friends told me I was just jealous and irrational. I broke up with him feeling like the crazy girlfriend. Four years later, my guy friend and I were talking and he said that my ex almost had a restraining order from his former best friend. Turns out he was in love with her for years and she led him on big time and would tease him and use him as a tool to make herself feel better when she needed a confidence boost pretty much. He ended up constantly badgering her about how much he loved her to the point of getting drunk and showing up at her house, facebook stalking her etc. and she had to completely cut him out of her life because it was freaking her out. Turns out he was the crazy one and he was cheating on me.

9. At Least She Got Out

He was controlling and abusive. He had separated me from my family and friends and was pushing me (a very religious and socially conservative girl) into a sexual relationship I was not ready for. I started having panic attacks after sexual encounters before I literally ran away to Alaska (I was 18 at the time). He told everyone I knew that I was insane and had stolen a bunch of his stuff for drug money.

10. Reasonable

If you try to put something in my mouth that I don’t want there, for any reason, I’m going to bite it.

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