[The Washington Post](http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonkblog/wp/2015/10/06/find-out-which-beer-is-made-closest-to-you-with-this-crazy-map/)

The Washington Post

There’s no denying that we’re in the midst of a “craft beer revolution” in the United States. According to the Brewers Association, a trade group for craft beer makers, more than 1,000 craft breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs have sprung up between 2012 and 2014 alone. The association even estimates that the majority of Americans live within 10 miles of a local brewery.

But how do you find out—of the thousands of craft breweries in America—which is technically your most local brew? Good news: The Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham has your back.

Ingraham took a list of every brewery and brewpub in North America and plotted each one on a map. That’s 4,750 data points, if you’re counting. He then created what’s called a Voronoi diagram, which shows which point is closest from any other point.

The map is a beautiful, complex quilt that shows brewery-dense areas where you might expect (looking at you, San Francisco). But residents of Southwestern Utah, for example, might like to know that the Zion Canyon Brewing Company is the closest craft beer for hundreds of miles around. And it turns out that Zion Canyon is also the closest home brew to residents of Panaca, Nev., and Page, Ariz., 236 miles away.

You can use this glorious interactive map here.

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