We’ve always loved gentleman actor and living internet meme Nicolas Cage for his brand of adorable oddness, but it hasn’t always worked in his personal favor. On the one hand, he gets to do fun stuff like name his child Kal-El (after Superman), but on the other he’s had to struggle with crippling tax and debt problems thanks to a number of … let’s say impulsive purchases.

To illustrate just how extravagant Cage’s shopping habits can be, Jeremy Glass of Supercompressor compiled a list of 12 of the actor’s most ridiculous purchases. You should definitely go read the whole thing, but here are a few highlights:

Not one, but two albino King Cobras (he reportedly had anti-venom handy); A collection of pygmy shrunken heads (you know, because he’s a Citizen of the World and all); A 67-million-year-old dinosaur skull (because Nic Cage doesn’t just watch Jurassic Park; he lives it, man); An octopus; A shark; A crocodile; A private island; Oh, and a pyramid mausoleum in a New Orleans cemetery.

Reading back over that list, I can’t help but make a few connections in my head. Private island, sharks, crocodiles, poisonous snakes… Yeah, there’s no doubt in my mind now: Nicolas Cage has been crafting a plot to kill James Bond once and for all for years.

But we’re still cool, Nic. Go ahead and embrace your supervillain side.