We’ve all stumbled onto a part of the internet that we’d never like to visit again. Sometimes it’s from an inconspicuous link from a terrible friend, or we’ve wandered down an internet rabbit hole that led to dark and sinister parts of the web. A Reddit thread asked members to reveal the creepiest and darkest site they’ve ever found. Here are some of the ones that stood out the most.

1. Normal Porn for Normal People

There’s this video of a girl with a mask on sitting in a dirty ass room on top of a bed.

There’s a radio playing, which sounds like it’s from WWII. The girl has a plate of something (they look like sandwiches) and she starts eating. However, the mask doesn’t have a mouth-hole, so she is basically just jamming it into her face, and letting it fall all over.

2. How to Summon Demons

This is an old Angelfire page instructing you how to summon demons.

There are even youth groups that can join. To say it’s weird is an understatement.

3. The Collection

If you want to see a giant collection of some of the weirdest sites you’ve ever seen, I came across this collection a while back. They don’t all work now, but the ones that do are pretty nice.

4. TimeCube

TimeCube is a bizarre manifesto by a man who used to be a marble enthusiast. He is offering Harvard $10,000 to prove him wrong.

5. Last Words

It’s a website that has transcripts and audio recordings of planes as they are crashing. It has the 9/11 Flight 93 transcript as well.

6. The UFO Bridal Store

There is some Wedding & Bridal store website for a shop in Florida. It’s got all these weird UFO and other strange pages hiding on it. It was called Yvette’s Bridal Formal. It’s gone now, but it was somewhat crawled by archive.org.

7. Opentopia

This is probably a different kind of creepy, but there’s a site that just links to random cams all over the world. There are classrooms and ones that look like they’re in someone’s home. It’s weird.

8. WhiteEnamel

This is a point and click story through a mental asylum. It’s so creepy, I’ve never made it past the first chapter.

9. This is Truly Bizarre

I’m not sure who made this but I’m pretty confident that they’re insane. Honestly, I don’t even know how to describe it.

10. The Subreddit

No one has been able to figure out what this subreddit is or means. Every single post is made with some type of encryption except for 2 posts in English that say “help” and “please help us”. Every other post looks completely bizarre.

11. Used Tampons

I don’t know what else you can really say about a site that sells used tampons, other than, shockingly enough, it’s a German website. Click at your own risk.

12. Bridge Jumpers

I’m not sure how many people know about it, but here is a running tally of the Tampa Bay area Sunshine Skyway Bridge ‘jumpers.’ I’ve always felt it pretty chilling to read through the accounts of people committing suicide.

13. Real Time Births and Deaths

I always thought this was a bizarre page. It shows the world’s births and deaths in real time using some sort of simulator.

14. Nothing In The Box

I don’t know who made the page or what its purpose is other than some sort of anti-establishment manifesto, but it’s definitely weird and interesting. You can pay $9.95 to buy nothing.

15. Is It Chrismas

This is a webpage that answers the most important question in life; is it Christmas? You can probably guess what happens when you click on the site, but you’re still going to do it anyway.