Despite what The Wire and Breaking Bad or other TV shows try to propagate, most criminals are dumb. That’s why they’re criminals. They flunked out of astronaut school or whatever high-achieving career they originally went for. But this guy really takes the cake. First, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office posted this on their Facebook page:

And guess who the first comment was:

That’s right! The Wanted Man decided to respond to his own Wanted Poster! In the old West, this would’ve normally been followed by the sheriff and criminal dueling at high noon. Instead the sheriff just asked the criminal to turn himself in.

And it wasn’t just Facebook that the sheriff used to mock the criminal mastermind.

Unfortunately Mr. Marcum did not stay on the lam for very long.

And while this was enough to give the sheriff’s the last laugh, they still decided to pour a little salt into the wound.

We eagerly await the Law & Order adaptation of this event.