In case there weren’t already enough reasons to be jealous of Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer superstar even gets to drive absurd supercars before everyone else. The goal-scoring, supermodel-dating, abs of steel-possessing, Ronaldo became one of the first people in the world to drive the about-to-drop Bugatti Chiron recently, causing envy levels to spike considerably among anyone who loves cars.

While news of the Chiron has been circulating since one was spied in the wild two years ago, the select few who received the privilege of spending $2 plus million on the new Bugatti are only now preparing to take delivery of the car.

As Andy Wallace, Bugatti test driver (how sweet of a job is that?) explains, “Before we hand the Chiron over to our customers, it should be tested and approved by a champion.” That’s where Ronaldo comes in. As you can see from his garage at the beginning of the this video, the Real Madrid and Portugese national team star already has a fleet of impressive vehicles. But that didn’t stop him from enjoying taking the 1,500-horsepower (yes, 1,500) supercar out for some hot laps around the track.


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Of course, not everything in Ronaldo’s life arrives on a silver platter. At the end of the video, Wallace demands the keys back, telling Ronaldo that if he wants to keep the Chiron, he has to call Bugatti. Because if you’re going to get access to a supersonic jet disguised as an automobile, you should at least have to pick up the phone. Hopefully, if Ronaldo does end up with a Chiron, it won’t meet the same fate as Floyd Mayweather’s Bugatti.

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