What’s new on Hulu? Amazing on Amazon? Binge-worthy on Netflix? Crossing the Streams spans the web to find the best TV shows and specials freshly available to watch online. You’re welcome!

THE FALL (Netflix)
As if Gillian Anderson doesn’t have enough serial killers on her plate as Dr. Lecter’s therapist on Hannibal, she’s also returned for a second six-episode season of this scintillating British drama about a Scotland Yard detective sent to Belfast on the trail of a ladykilling psycho (Jamie Dornan, who’ll soon be tying up women for different reasons in 50 Shades of Grey). Bonus: The Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi is also back as Anderson’s pathologist pal!

It’s a spinoff of a spinoff! The swashbuckling feline from the later Shrek movies, as well as his own self-titled animated feature, now stars in his own cartoon series. Antonio Banderas has been replaced by Eric Bauza in the title role, and you can also hear the more familiar voices of Jayma Mays (Glee) and Laraine Newman (Saturday Night Live). Plus, guest cameos from John Leguizamo, Danny Trejo, and The Brady Bunch’s Robbie “Cousin Oliver” Rist. If this show doesn’t work, Puss shouldn’t worry: He’s still get six more lives left.

An entirely different kind of ‘toon from Puss in Boots, this anime series follows a high-school girl who’s transformed into a god after locking lips with a stranger. Also now streaming its second season on Hulu is Tokyo Ghoul, which imagines a city in which some nocturnal people become flesh-eating monsters—and one turns an unsuspecting man into the world’s first half-human, half-Ghoul. You know it’s the old story: Boy meets Ghoul, etc., etc.

The King is dead… long live his 24-year-old club-hopping Prince son (Rupert Evans)? That’s the premise behind this eight-episode drama that aired on Britain’s ITV in 2008. Watch for Homeland casualty David Harewood — using his natural British accent — as the private secretary to a princess (Sophie Winkleman) who has her own designs on the throne. Fun fact: The show was actually shot in Lithuania.

You may have seen Al Madrigal as the Senior Latino Correspondent on The Daily Show or David Walton’s BFF on About a Boy, but you can really get to know him via this hourlong special, streaming on Hulu a week before it airs on the cable network Fusion. In it, the half-Mexican comic explores his roots in Tijuana, Little Havana and East L.A. and learns how to pronounce his own name properly. It’s okay, Al: We had trouble learning how to roll our Rs in our high-school Spanish class, too.

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